Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Night Rewind - 2/21/16

*  We finished up chapter two of James during this morning's sermon here at New Calvary.  The series of studies in this awesome book rolls on, and it's sure teaching me a lot along the away.  I think every Christian ought to spend some time in this book.
*  My message today was "Faith And Works".  The scripture was James 2:14-26, and you can read it for yourself by clicking HERE. 
*  Today's point was that we are saved by grace through faith, and this should affect how we live our lives.  Faith and works both matter.  Our beliefs and our behavior both count.
*  Our youth group went on a skiing trip this weekend to North Carolina.  They had a great time at Beach Mountain Ski Resort.  They got to enjoy beautiful scenery and snow. 
*  Two of my daughters went, and they enjoyed it.  Here is a look (from left to right) at three of the kids who went on this trip:  Kristen, my Lizzie, and my Rachel.
*  I appreciate our adult workers showing these kids a fun couple of days.  Good job, youth workers!
*  Our Youth Group is selling t-shirts now.  They have to do with being rooted in Christ.  A lot of people have placed orders for one, and folks still have a few more weeks to do so.
*  Yesterday (2/20/16) was a big day as we had primaries here in South Carolina.  The polls were open and I went to vote.  Lara snapped a picture of me when I got home from the polls.
*  Here's a closer look at the sticker on my sweatshirt.  Everyone who voted was given one.
*  Right before I walked out the building yesterday, I looked at the ladies who were working there.  They all were quiet, and nobody else was in the building at the moment.  So I said, "You know, I'm sure glad we live in a county where we all can have our own opinions and cast our own votes.  What a privilege it is to do this."  They all nodded and a couple of them said they agreed. 
*  I don't want to get all self righteous about it.  But I do think voting is important.  And I'm thankful we Americans get to have a say in what happens. 
*  Like everyone else, I have a personal opinion about this upcoming election.  I do lean in a specific direction.  But I also think this:  Regardless of who wins this, God is still ultimately in control.  He is The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Sure, voting is a good thing to do.  And I do practice it.  But I don't put my faith in politicians of either party.  The greatest hope for America and the world is God.
*  I sure didn't like hearing about a shooting last night at Columbiana Center.  That's a great, classy mall that we all have enjoyed for years.   
*  Hopefully they can catch whoever did it, get them off the streets, and make things a little safer. 
*  That's it for tonight. 
*  More new blog posts will be posted this week. 
*  Peace.

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