Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thumbs Up

Pulling out of the parking lot the other day after work, I stopped at the gate to buckle up my seat belt. As soon as I clicked it in place, I looked straight ahead.  There was a police officer standing on the side of the road.  He was looking right at me.  Then he smiled and gave me a thumbs up for putting on my seat belt.  I was so relieved to get his approval!

It's a good feeling to get a thumbs up from someone in authority, isn't it?  The affirmation goes a long way.  And it makes us glad we are making good choices.

In Matthew 25:21, a master told one of his workers, "Well done, good and faithful servant."  That was a meaningful statement of approval.  And it had to have meant a great deal.

One day we Christians will stand before our Lord when our time on Earth is done.  Before we enter Heaven for eternity, our life will be evaluated and judged.  At that moment, it sure would be great to get a thumbs up or a "Well done, good and faithful servant" from our Lord.  Ok, I'm pretty sure He won't be dishing out the thumbs up sign, but I can easily believe some will receive a "Well done!" from Him.

The point is simply this:  We, who are saved by grace, should remember to live for our Lord's pleasure.  He has done so much for us!  The least we can do is live daily for Him.  It'll make our time on this Earth well spent.  And it'll position us to one day receive divine approval and rewards that stick with us for all of eternity.

It's a cool thing to get a thumbs up from a police officer.  And it's mighty special to get a "Well done!" from our boss at work.  But there's nothing better than getting approval from our Lord in Heaven.

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