Saturday, May 10, 2014


In my growing up years, I was always interested in comic-inspired superheroes.  Like a lot of young boys, I checked out the comic books, collected the action figures, and watched the tv shows.  Some of my favorites were...

Batman - He was dark, mysterious, and the proud owner of the coolest gadgets around.  His car was mighty sweet too.

The Incredible Hulk - Green and mean!  This big guy had unlimited strength and could do anything.  His power and size was impressive.

Captain America - He was clearly a good guy that fought against evil.  His red, white, and blue costume was cool.

Yep, I always enjoyed my superheroes.  Even today, I'll go with my kids to the movies about these guys and enjoy them.  I guess I have not totally gotten over my interest in these fun stories.

Superheroes.  What's not to like about them?  They have powers, take daring risks, make sacrifices, and inspire us to dream big.  There's nothing wrong with that.

Here's an obvious point:  All of those guys are fictitious.  They're not real.  None of them actually exist.

But the ULTIMATE superhero is real and alive today.  His name is Jesus Christ.  And He is like no other!

He is the Son of God.

He was born of a virgin.

He performed many miracles.

He allowed Himself to die on a cross to rescue us.

He came back to life and walked out of His tomb.

He defeated Satan, who is the ultimate, real bad guy.

He ascended back up to Heaven and sat at His Father's right hand.

He will one day return to Earth in all of His greatness and glory.

And here is the best thing of all...

He has the power to forgive our sins, save our souls, and transform our lives.

Jesus Christ rules over all!  He is mighty and wonderful.  Fix your eyes on Him, follow Him, and give your heart to Him.

He is the ultimate superhero who will always come through for you, and He will never let you down.

Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord.  He is my hero.  He is my hope forevermore.

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