Monday, May 26, 2014

The Bottom Of The Pool

I had this dream recently:  I was in a swimming pool.  Eventually I found myself at the bottom of the pool.  I was laying on my side.  No, I was not drowning or struggling to breathe.  Nothing like that.  But I was unable to get up and swim to the top.  Some invisible force was weighing me down.  Pressure of some sort had me pinned down under the water to where I could not move.  It was almost like an unseen hand was holding me in place.  Then I woke up.

Dreams are strange, complex things.  There's no way for sure I can decipher the meaning of mine about the pool.  But I do have a thought about one interpretation of it.

Burdens.  Things that weigh on our minds and hearts.  And robbers of peace and joy.

We all experience burdens from time to time.  It's a reality of life.  And it's not pleasant.

Jesus talked about burdens in Matthew 11:28.  It was there that He said, "Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."  What an encouraging word!

When we feel weighed down and unable to rise back up, like I was in my pool dream, help is available.  We can go to The Lord Jesus Christ through prayer, tell Him about our burdens, and receive comfort that enables our minds and hearts to rest.  He reminds us that He is in control, He will rescue us, and He will one day take us home with Him, where we will never experience burdens again.

Are you burdened and bothered today?  Do you weighed pinned down under an ocean of concerns?  Then look to Jesus.  He will ease your burden.  He will comfort your mind and heart.  And He will raise you up from the depths to peace and joy.

Let Jesus handle the pressure of your burdens today.

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