Friday, May 16, 2014

Being Heard

The crying kid would not calm down.  He was having some sort of emotional meltdown as he sobbed and yelled.  The volume grew louder and louder every minute there in the Winn Dixie check out line.  It was ear piercing and it overwhelmed us all yesterday as we tried to get out the door as quickly as possible.

I could hear him loud and clear.

But chances are very slim that anyone heard him at the Subway a few doors down.

And there is no way anybody heard him at the Ford dealership across the road.

Our cries and expressions of pain only go so far with people.

 But with God, it's a different story.  He hears us all the way from Heaven.  Every cry and whimper is immediately detected by Him.

God, while sitting on His majestic throne, heard that sad little boy yesterday.  He heard every bit of it. And God cared.

In Exodus 2:23, people cried out to God.  They were held as slaves in Egypt.  And their hard life of forced servitude lead them to cry out for help from above.  Then, in verse 24, "God heard their groaning."  Their sad cries of pain were heard loud and clear by God.

No matter who we are and where we are, God hears us.  He hears our cheers of happiness and joy.  And He hears our sobs of grief and of pain.  What a relief that is!

If you are hurting and crying out to God, rest assured you are being heard.   God is tuned in and keenly aware of what you're experiencing.  And He has a perfect plan of response.

The same God who heard the Israelites and that little boy in the Winn Dixie hears you.  He is there and He does care.  So rest assured you are being heard.  And know beyond the shadow of a doubt, God will rescue you.

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