Monday, May 5, 2014

The Gift Of A Lift

Lara and I met another couple for breakfast over the weekend.  It was a wonderful time of warm fellowship and delicious food.  During the visit, our friends told us a true story about their marriage.

The husband, who I call "Chief", had some bad health problems that led to a tough surgery.  It was no walk in the park, and his recovery was difficult.  One day his wife was watching him in rehab.  Chief was given a couple of two-pound weights to lift.  My friend did ok with them, but he simply could not lift them above his head.   It broke his wife's heart.  He's always been a strong, tough guy.  A manly sort of fellow.  And there he was, struggling to lift two-pound weights over his head.

So Chief's wife walked over to him, stood behind him, and helped him.  She lifted up his arms and enabled him to raise up the weights.  While she wasn't sure at first if it was ok to do that, she just wanted to help the one she loved.  Fortunately, the lady in charge of Chief's rehab told her it was just fine.

What a story, and what a love!

Sometimes in marriage, one spouse can be weaker than the other spouse.  Weaker physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  It happens.  When this becomes the case, we must be strong for that special someone.  Our responsibility is to lift them up and empower them.  Let's raise them in the same way Chief's wife raised him arms: lovingly and patiently.

I think their story helps explain how my friends have stayed married longer than I've been living.  They have hung in there with each other and helped each other in the tough times.  Neither one of them have thrown up their hands and walked away; instead, both of them have been the wind in one another's sails.  They have supported and inspired each other along the way.

Let's extend our spouse the gift of a lift today.  We can give them a boost with kind words, helpful deeds, and heart-felt prayers.  And when we do, we will be blessing them in the best way possible.


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