Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Flat Tire

"give thanks in all circumstances..." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Yesterday I was sitting in my living room and reading a great book.

My phone rang.  It was my oldest daughter.  She had a flat tire and she needed me to come help her.  I told her I will be right there.  So I got up, told my wife I had to go help our child, and I left.

I must make a confession.  While I am always ready and willing to help my kids, for a moment I had some less-than-positive thoughts running through my head.  Things like this: "Oh great, I just got cleaned up and now I'm going to get dirty all over again.  And I was really enjoying that book."  I was not upset with my daughter at all.  It was not her fault.  And I love that girl!  I was just thinking about the not-so-favorable circumstances.

I found her, gave her my car so she could leave, and changed her tire.  Then I drove it up the road to get a new tire because the old one was shot.  Then, shortly after that, I was back home and on the couch relaxing.

You know what?  As I sit here this morning, I am thankful.  Here is why...

(1) My child was not hurt.

(2) The tire went out only a quarter of a mile from our house.

(3) She had a flat on a slow road in a neighborhood with a bunch of houses around instead of on a lonely highway with nobody around.

(4) She was able to stop the car under a shade tree that kept the hot sun off me while I changed her tire.

(5) A buddy was driving by, saw me, and gave me a hand while I was changing her tire.

(6) I was able to get the car fixed up with two new tires on the front.

(7) When she needed help, my daughter called me instead of calling someone else. 

Now I can smile about the whole experience.  I am thankful for several things as I reflect on the flat tire adventure.  Gratitude fills my heart this morning.

The Apostle Paul wrote centuries ago to "give thanks in all circumstances".  He was telling us to slow down and look for the good in things.  And he was so right!

There is always something to thank God for.  Always.  Regardless of what is going on.

May we see the positive and lift up our gratitude to Him on this day.


  1. i am thankful you were there to help her. dads matter.

  2. Amen, bro. What a privilege it is to be a dad. I'm sure you're a great one!