Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Disappointment Of Sin

What is the wrong thing you are tempted to do right now?

The lure of sin is calling out to you.  It looks harmless.  It seems fun.  It feels justifiable.  But deep down, you know it's wrong.

Before you take the plunge and go for it with sin, remember this: it will be a massive disappointment to you in the end.

The Bible says...

Sin will not satisfy you :  You may get a little happiness for a short while, but you will ultimately find yourself unfulfilled.  It will be a colossal letdown and leave you with an empty feeling inside. Proverbs 13:25 says "the stomach of the wicked goes hungry."

Sin will not calm you :  You may feel relaxed for a little bit, but you will inevitably deal with regret, fear, and pain.  You will wish you had not done it, you will be paranoid over getting caught, and you will hurt when you have to suffer the consequences.  Isaiah 48:22 says "There is no peace...for the wicked."

So, what are you temped to do right now that you know is wrong?  Whatever it is, please don't do it.  Just walk away and turn to God instead.

God can satisfy you.  God can calm you.  God can bless you in ways that sin never, ever will.

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