Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Comeback

Last night, I, along with a gazillion other people, watched with amazement as South Carolina pulled off a stunning comeback on a football field in Missouri.

The Gamecocks were losing 17-0 and nothing was going right.  Mistakes were made and opportunities were blown.  But then, in the 4th quarter, something happened.  Something I'll never forget.  Quarterback Connor Shaw led Carolina to 17 unanswered points to tie the game.  Then, in dramatic fashion, the Gamecocks won the game 27-24 in double overtime.

My 8 year old son, who was sitting by me on the couch in his pajamas, went NUTS with me when it happened.  We jumped around the living room, shouted "yeah!", and celebrated.  We tried not to scare my wife and daughters, who were in other rooms.  But we could not stop or contain our celebration!

This has me thinking....

Sometimes in life, we get behind.  We make mistakes.  We blow opportunities.  We just royally make a mess of things.

I've done that.  Big time.  How about you?  My guess is, we ALL have.

When that happens, it's comeback time!

If we are losing in the game of life, let's whisper a prayer to Him above, shake off the disappointment of our mistakes, start over, and press forward.  Some people may think we're done and our cause is lost.  But that doesn't matter.  Let's think positive, dig in our heels, and get to work.  Let's start doing the little things right, one by one.  When that happens, the chances are good that positive results await us!

Maybe you've messed up and blown it.  I know the feeling.  Just remember this:  your life is not over.  Things can change.  So keep your chin up and hang in there.  Your comeback could be right around the corner, and you can still celebrate like a champ!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  When we experience a comeback, let's be mindful of those looking at us from above.  They're probably rejoicing for us and celebrating with us.  And my guess is that's quite a party!  :)

** If you want to see a short highlight video (minute and a half) of last night's amazing comeback, just click here .

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