Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Flames Underneath

I saw this car catch on fire today.

At first there were just a few flames.  A guy from a store there in the plaza ran out spraying the car down with a fire extinguisher.  It looked like the fire was under control at that point.  I told my kids, "Just keep watching.  The flames underneath the hood will come out in a minute."

And they definitely did!

Flames engulfed the whole car.  A moment later, the fire department arrived.  They jumped out with big hoses and took control of the situation.  

The flames underneath.

People have flames underneath the surface too.  Tucked deep within the mind and the heart are dangerous things.

Pride.  Greed.  Bitterness.  Lust.  These are just a few.

We may look like we're under control on the outside.  People may look at us and assume we're alright.  It's not hard to present an impressive image.

But if we don't deal with the sinful flames underneath, those destructive things will eventually come to the surface, devour our lives, and hurt other people.  The hidden evils in our hearts and minds must be addressed.

What sinful flames do you have underneath?  Try to identify them.  Let God deal with them in His own unique way.  This will keep matters under control before we are devoured with destructive forces.  And this will protect everyone from the unnecessary pain that comes from evil.

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