Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My 30 Days Of Christian Radio

I didn't tell many people about it at all.  My wife and kids knew.  But that was about it.  During the month of January, 2015, I listened only to Christian contemporary music.  30 days, to be exact.  See, it was a challenge that a local Christian radio station issued.  So I figured, "Well, why not?"

Musically speaking, I've enjoyed many different kinds of music over the years.  And my iPod is proof.  Country, jazz, soft rock, Christian, and 80's tunes can be found in my collection of tunes.  So my point is I've typically listened to a little bit of this and a little bit a that.  Variety has been the name of the game for me.

But, I decided to take the 30 days and focus solely on Christian contemporary music whenever I turned on the radio.  This blog post is about how it went.  Here goes...

[1]  Christian contemporary music has gotten a lot better than it used to be.  Back in the late 80s and early 90s, I really tried to get into it.  But, in my opinion, some of it was just "cheesy", and it did not appeal to me.  And there didn't seem to be a lot of options when it came time to picking an artist to follow.  There was Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, and not much else.  Now, as I fast forward to my recent 30 day challenge, I've realized there are a LOT of good, talented Christian artists out there.  And the quality of their music is very good.  I found myself enjoying much of what I was hearing on the radio.

[2]  It helped me keep my mind and heart focused on God throughout the day.  When I got in my car, turned on the radio, and heard some of these songs, I would ride along and just think about Him.  And many times I would ride along and sing out loud with the radio.  I found myself worshiping in song as I drove around Sumter.  The positive lyrics helped me keep my attention on things that matter the most.

I don't share this with you to be self-righteous and "holier than thou".  Some folks I've met along the way have acted like you're not a good Christian unless you ONLY listen to Christian contemporary music.  They think listening to any other style is sinful and wrong.  That was a turn off to me.  And I've never felt that way.  Listening to Christian music does not make you or me better than anyone, and it does not make God love you or me more than He loves anyone.

I don't want to be hypocritical either and act like that is the only kind of music I'll listen to from now on.  I'm sure at times that I will still listen to different styles of music and enjoy the stuff I have on my IPod.  Furthermore, I do think that is ok.     

But I will say this:  I've come to appreciate Christian radio much more after these 30 days.  Third Day, Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Toby Mac, Mercy Me, Newsboys, Casting Crowns, and others sing songs that really speak to me.  And I appreciate what they're putting out there.  It's great stuff!  And even though my 30 days are over, I find myself still enjoying this music that is edifying to the soul and honoring to the Lord. 
So, that's my story.  It's kind of a neat journey.  And I'm enjoying the ride.
If you haven't listened to Christian radio lately, give it a try.  I think you may be pleasantly surprised.  And I bet you'll get a real blessing out of it.

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