Friday, February 27, 2015

Entering Or Leaving?

I was in the office of a mechanic today.  While sitting there, I saw a great sign.  It read, "Everyone brings joy to this office.  Some when they enter and others when they leave."

That really got me thinking...

We all have an effect on people.  Either we lift them up and make them comfortable or we drag them down and make them miserable.  Because of this, people are either glad when we arrive or glad when we depart.

The sign is a good reminder for us all.  Let's be positive, pleasant, encouraging, and kind-hearted.  Let's treat people right.  When this happens, we will be a pleasure for others to spend time with.

So let's all ask ourselves this question:  Are people more joyful when we're entering the room or when we're leaving?  That's something worth considering.

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