Friday, April 8, 2016

Looking Good But Going Nowhere

I see this jet displayed proudly between Sumter and Columbia.  Everyone riding down the highway can grab a good look at it.  There it is, looking good but going nowhere.  It is retired, grounded, and immobile.

Isn't that just like a lot of people?  Looking good but going nowhere.  They may have a happy looking Facebook profile picture, jam up wardrobe, sleek set of wheels in the driveway, or home that could be on the cover of a magazine.  But on the inside, they are empty of passion, void of joy, and drained of purpose.  To bring things closer to home, maybe that describes you and me on some days.

I'm glad that God can bring us to life on the inside, put us in motion, and propel us forward in life!  Unlike the jet, we can spend our lives going somewhere and accomplishing something.  God's divine spark sets us ablaze with passion, joy, and purpose.

Just think about it...

Lazarus was a cold, dead corpse, but God brought him to life.

David was a young shepherd boy, but God enabled him to kill Goliath, an antagonistic giant.

Saul was blind and at a crossroad in his life, but God gave him a new beginning and a new purpose for living, which was missions.

Time after time, we see it in the Bible:  God can take a life, set it on fire, and put in motion.  Unlike the frozen, lifeless jet, people are filled with vitality, enthusiasm, a reason to live, and assurance of a bright future.  

If you haven't already done so, let God pour the fuel of His spirit into your heart.  When this happens, your life will soar like it never has before.  And you will never be the same.

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