Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chasing Cocky

We were at a Carolina football game when Emerson spotted Cocky, who is the Gamecock mascot.  Immediately he said, "Dad, let's run down to Cocky.  I want a picture taken with him!"  So he and I quickly made our way to the front row where kids were lined up to see him.
There he was!  Cocky was signing autographs and getting pictures taken with people.  We waited in line for our turn.  And when we were almost to him, he left and moved on down to the next section.

"Can we go to the next section and try again, Dad?", my boy asked.  "Sure, man, we can do that."  So we followed him and tried again.  After waiting a few more minutes, we got real close.  But once again, Cocky had to move on down to the next section and Emerson didn't get to meet him.  Fortunately, I did at least manage to snap a quick picture of my boy with Cocky in the background, just a few feet away.
Emerson was kind of let down about not getting any closer.  I explained to him that good ole Cocky wanted to be fair and visit as many sections as possible.  Also I told him that thousands of kids wanted to meet him and sometimes it just doesn't work out for everyone to have a moment with him.  He seemed to understand what I was saying, and once he started eating more popcorn he seemed to be just fine.

Cocky is a fun mascot.  He does the best he can.  And we still think he's great!

I'm glad to know this:  When we want to get close with God, we don't have to wait in line and He won't walk away.  When we make the effort to connect with Him, He responds favorably and connects with us.  What Cocky could not do, God does perfectly!  We know this to be true because of James 4:8, which reads "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."

We were unsuccessful that day in chasing Cocky.  But that's ok.  Life goes on.  The good news is this:  Whenever you and I run towards God through prayer, Bible reading, or worship, He will run towards us and happily connect with us.  And we will never be disappointed.  Never.

May you and I both reach out for God today and experience that satisfying thrill of connecting with Him.  A connection with Him is always available.  What a blessing that is!

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