Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Birthday & Wedding Weekend Rewind - 4/17/16

Wow, what a BIG weekend!

*  We celebrated Mom's birthday on Saturday.  She likes eating at Simply Southern Bistro (click HERE for their website), so we met up for lunch and a little party.

*  After a delicious meal, we all enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake (from HERE) and gave her presents.  Mom looked very happy and seemed to enjoy herself. 

*  Grandmamma Reynolds was there too.  After the meal, I got a picture with her, Condy, and the kids.
*  I love my mom.  She's one amazing lady.  And she has always been there for me.  Honestly, I could not ask for a better one than her.
*  Also on Saturday, we had a wedding here at New Calvary Baptist Church.  Reed and Heather were married.  I was honored to officiate the ceremony, along with a fine pastor from North Carolina who has known Reed for years.
*  The sanctuary looked great.  They did a nice job decorating everything.  I was impressed with how good they made it look.
*  The reception was at the O'Donnel House afterwards.  That's a beautiful old home, and a perfect place for these types of events. 
*  The food was delicious.  The DJ was fun.  And everyone had a really great time!  I thoroughly enjoyed this reception.  Lara and the girls also had a blast. 
*  My kids cut loose out on the dance floor during the reception!  They impressed me by busting some moves.  I danced once with Lara.  It was a slow song, and I think we did just fine.

*  There was a photo booth set up, and we all had some fun with that.  Outside of the booth, Lara and I got a quick pic taken with some cool gear on:
*  At New Calvary today, I preached a sermon entitled "The Lifting Of Prayers" out of James 5:13-18.  It was all about prayer within the context of a church community. 

*  Tonight, at the 6:00 service, I preached on being an encourager.  Specifically, I led us through a study of Deborah in the book of Judges.  Her example of encouragement should inspire us all to do the same for people we know.

*  I'm real thankful for my family and church.  God has sure blessed me, and I'm enjoying life these days.  :)

*  That's it for tonight.  Plenty of new blog posts will be posted here this week, and I hope you get something good out of them.

God bless you and yours!

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