Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Oxygen Tank

I saw something recently at the gym that inspired me.

An elderly lady walked slowly inside.  And she pulled an oxygen tank behind her.  Slowly, but surely, she lifted her weights and completed her workout.

Yesterday I approached her and introduced myself.  Then I thanked her for being an inspiration and setting an example for the rest of us.  It was a brief talk, but I was honored to meet her.

The oxygen tank is something I will always remember.  It represented the challenge she faces.  But it also served as a backdrop for her determination.

Life hurts some times.  Difficulties and adversities can kick us square in the teeth.  But strong people carry on, dig deep, push through, and live anyway.

Are you hurting?  Decide now that it won't defeat you.  Resolve in your mind and heart that with God's strength you will persevere and keep doing the right things even when it's painful.

Don't quit!  You're better than that.  Pick your chin up, pull your shoulders back, put a smile on your face, march out into this world, and keep giving your best.  Even if you have to pull an oxygen tank behind you.  That's what winners do. And that's what really inspires others.

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