Monday, July 27, 2015

2015 VBS At New Calvary

We had Vacation Bible School here at New Calvary Baptist Church, July 19-23.  What an awesome time it was!!  Kids and adults alike really enjoyed themselves.
I was blown away at how a team of workers united their efforts and decorated our building.  They pulled out all the stops and did a fantastic job.  It had an "off the path", jungle sort of feel to it.  And it looked great.
The kids learned new songs, heard important Bible stories, ate delicious snacks, made cool crafts, and played fun games.  In their recreation time, we had a dunking booth for them and a bouncy house.  Their attitudes were positive and they remained upbeat all week.
Not to be outdone, the adults had their own VBS fun.  My dad, Wade Richardson, taught a class for them at the same time the kids were engaged in their activities.  Dad told me he enjoyed studying God's Word and spending time with the adults.
We had a contest between the boys and girls.  Each night we took up an offering.  At the end of the week, whichever group raised the most money got to hit me in the face with a pie. 
All the money raised was for Tracy's Camp.  It's a Christian camp that is not far at all from our town of Sumter.  And it's a cool place!
Well, it turned out that the boys and girls tied.  They gave the exact same amount.  So, on the last night, I did not get a pie to my face.  I got two of them!  One girl and one boy got me good.  Needless to say, we all shared a laugh over it.
Let me brag on New Calvary Baptist Church for just a moment:  These people come together and work hard!  They are enthusiastic, diligent, and a total pleasure to be around.  It was inspiring watching them put on such a first class vbs for this community.  And I can't wait to do many, many more of these with them in the years to come.
God is good.  He blessed this ministry.  This church family and I give Him thanks and credit for it being such a tremendous success!

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