Thursday, July 2, 2015

Odds And Ends - Edition 12

 I have not been able to blog much lately, and I have missed it.  New articles and devotionals are on the way, but I wanted to share a few quick thoughts "Odds And Ends" style today.  Here's the latest...

*  As a South Carolinian, I am blown away at how God has worked in and through the tragic shooting in a Charleston church a few weeks ago.  It has been encouraging to see our state come together and love on the good people of that church.

*  My family is doing really well.  Lara is enjoying her summer break from school, and the kids are too.  It's nice having them around the house for a few weeks before school cranks back up.  Spending extra time together has been a great thing.

*  I feel blessed to serve New Calvary as their pastor.  These are the happiest days of ministry that I have ever had.  Lara, the kids, and I love these people.  And we are very excited about the future with our church family.  I believe with all my heart that good days are ahead at New Calvary. 

*  On September 7 of this year, I will have served as their pastor for one year.  Wow!  Time sure flies.

*  We have our Vacation Bible School coming up July 19-23 here at New Calvary.  An army of volunteers is stepping up and making plans for one awesome week.  We're going to canvas our church's neighborhood and invite folks to join us for this.  It will be a great time of ministry.  And I'm excited about my dad teaching an adult VBS class too.
 (Us Richardsons with long-time friends, the Sieberhagens)

*  My long time friend, Dr. Tim Sieberhagen, will preach our Fall Revival Services September 27-30.  He is one of the finest preachers I know, and I'm beyond excited about him coming and sharing with us for those few days.  Tim is the pastor of Kittiwake Baptist Church in West Columbia, SC.

*  I've been  on a journey to physical wellness for a while now.  After joining a gym here in town and getting in a routine, I've made good progress.  So far I've lost 22 pounds, and I will lose 50 more.  My goal is to reach this mark by Christmas Day of this year.  When I reach it, I will tell you all about it.  In the mean time, I do ask for your prayers as I continue on this journey.  I can tell you this:  I physically feel better than I have since my college days twenty years ago.

*  God has sure been good to me.  I am mighty blessed and truly thankful.

That's all for today.  Lots of new blog posts are headed your way.  Thanks for checking out my online home.  Stop by again whenever you have a few moments.  My hope is you'll find something here that will encourage and help you.

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