Thursday, June 11, 2015

Approaching The Throne

I had a good talk with a buddy of mine yesterday.  He told me about his teenage son, who really likes this girl from school.  As this school year was drawing to a close, he started thinking about how much he was going to miss this girl.  The challenge was that, for some reason, the girl did not have permission to text or hang out with him.  So my buddy's son did something impressive.  He got a ride to the girl's house, knocked nervously on the door, and walked inside to speak with the girl's father.  The teenage guy, with some fear and trembling, explained that he was interested in being able to talk with the girl and maybe even hang out with her some throughout the summer.  Then he asked the father for permission to do so.  Finally, he assured the father that he would treat the girl with respect.   
All I can say is I'm impressed.  That took some courage on the part of my buddy's son.  And I hope it all works out for him.  After taking that step, I'd say he's earned the right to see the young lady who has captured his attention. 
This has me thinking about Hebrews 4:16, which states, "Let us then approach God's throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."  Approaching God is a much bigger deal than approaching a girl's dad.  God is the ruler, sustainer, and judge of Heaven and Earth.  And He is The King of kings.  All authority belongs to Him.  But the neat thing about this awesome God is we, through prayer and worship, can come before His powerful throne with full confidence that He is glad to hear from us and ready to visit with us.  We can have confidence that, because He is full of grace and mercy, He allows us imperfect people to stand in His perfect presence.
I can understand my buddy's son being nervous while approaching the girl's father.  That's normal.  And that shows he understood the seriousness of the situation at hand.
But I'm also glad to know we don't have to be nervous when we approach our Heavenly Father who rules from His majestic throne.  He's pleased when we choose to approach Him.  He welcomes our presence with a loving heart.  And He is more than ready to hear us out.
Never be afraid to talk with God.  You can pray to Him anywhere, any time, about anything.  And you can do it with full confidence that He is glad you've approached His throne. 
What is it you need or desire?  Go before the Lord and talk with Him about it.  He will listen to you and respond in the way He knows is best.  And you will enjoy the privilege of spending time with The King.   

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