Thursday, June 25, 2015

David Uth Cared

(Lara and me with Dr. David Uth in Columbus, Ohio.  June, 2015.)

David Uth is the lead pastor of First Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida.  That is a huge church with thousands of members.  And he is a very busy man with much to do.

Two years ago, I was fortunately able to meet him in his office.  It was a thrill and an honor for me to sit down with him and talk.  I was working through some issues that required wisdom and advice from someone with spiritual maturity.  David Uth filled that role!  He listened patiently as I talked about my life.  He asked questions and offered good insights.  Then he prayed with me.  It was an incredible experience that I'll never forget.

Last week, I was able to reconnect with him in Columbus, Ohio.  We had a great visit for a few moments in the middle of an exhibit hall at a downtown convention center.  He met Lara for the first time, and was really kind to her.  Then he congratulated me on getting to pastor New Calvary Baptist Church here in Sumter.  Right before we parted ways, we got a picture taken with him.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, first of all, I count it an honor to meet this guy.  He's a fine pastor who has a great ministry going.  And He's passionate about God's kingdom.  (To read an interview with Dr. Uth and learn more about him, just click HERE.)

But, more importantly, I want to make this point:  David Uth cared.  He took time to minister to me a couple of years ago.  As busy as he was, he still chose to work with me.  I had nothing to offer him.  But he cared anyway.  He just wanted to help.  And my life today is better because of it. 

The truth is, God will bring people into our lives from time to time who need us to care.  They need us to slow down, hear them out, speak truth into their lives, and pray for them.  When that time comes, may we follow the example of David Uth.  Let's care, and let's help.

Jesus is like that.  He's available to us when we need help.  He listens.  He helps.  He cares.  24/7, He is there for you and me.

If you're hurting, look to Jesus.  He is full of compassion.  You do matter to Him.  And He will help you through whatever issues you have in your life.

And if you know someone who is hurting, slow down and take time to minister to them.  Listen to them, ask questions, and help in any way you can.  Most importantly, show them you care.  When you do this, you may be making a larger impact in their life than you realize.  And I can promise they will appreciate you greatly.

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