Saturday, June 6, 2015

Celebrating Katie, Our Graduate

Today was a special day in the life of our family.  Katie, the oldest of our four children, graduated from Sumter High School.  Thousands packed the football stadium as we watched just under five hundred students get their diplomas. 
While we were sitting in the stands, Lara looked at me and said, "Well, one child graduated.  Three more to go!"  We both shared a good laugh at that.  Of course, we're not in a hurry for the kids to move out.  But it does feel good to see them growing up and reaching milestones. 

Lara cried during the ceremony.  My eyes watered a time or two.  It was a little more sentimental for us than we expected.  I guess one reason is we realize how far God has brought our family the past three years.  His grace has been incredible and life-changing.  And another reason is we are surprised to see our little girl becoming a mature, young woman so quickly.

Anyway, after the ceremony, there were plenty of hugs and smiles.  Of course, we got some pictures too.  I snapped one of Katie, her sisters, and Lara.  Then I got one with her and Lara.
Katie has been accepted into a couple of great universities.  We are finalizing details and should have everything set in a week or two.  Then we will definitely know where she is headed next.  Here interest is in nursing.  I think she would be a great in the medical field.
Katie, I count it a privilege being your dad.  You're lovely, smart, sweet, and determined.  I'm very proud of you.  You're going to do great as you launch out into this world.  Remember to pick your close friends carefully, manage your money wisely, and do your work with excellence.  Most of all, keep your eyes on Jesus, your Savior and Lord.  He will always lead you in the right direction, and He will make your life complete.  Finally, always know that I love you.  And that will never change.  Enjoy this season of celebration.  You've earned it!  And when the time comes to pack your bag and hit the road to your next school, give it your all.  Personally, I think you're going to shine!!  Love, Dad

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