Thursday, March 12, 2015

Let Them Go!

Sometimes we want to hold people back rather than let them go, don't we?!
My oldest child is looking at a couple of universities that are out of town.  She's excited.  But part of me struggles to let her go because I like having her around.
A buddy of mine is considering a career change that would result in him moving away.  He's really interested in the possibility of it.  But I know that'll mean I see less of him, which is kind of a bummer for me.
Have you been there before?  Some people feel called by God to launch out and do something different with their lives.  Maybe it involves relocating.  Perhaps it involves switching jobs.  Possibly it involves not getting to see them for a while.  Do you sometimes struggle letting go so they can follow their calling?
When I think about this, Deborah comes to mind.  She was an ancient leader of the Israelites.  In Judges 4, she tells Barak that God wants him to gather his troops and defeat the Canaanites.  He is a little hesitant to do it.  But Deborah persists.  In verse 6 she tells him to go.  Then in verse 14 she exclaims "Go!"
Is someone you know feeling God's call to move away, switch careers, or make a major life change?  If so, perhaps your role is to be a Deborah.  Encourage them to "Go!"
To hold them back is selfish.  We're thinking more about our own desires and interests than what is best for that person.
To hold them back is sinful.  We're contradicting God if we try to talk people out of following His plan for their lives.
We're human.  We can't help how we feel.  And it's normal to want to keep things the same.  But there are some times in our lives when we need to set our personal feelings aside, trust the decisions others are making, and encourage them to follow God's will, regardless of where it may lead.
One thing we don't need to be guilty of is holding people back from following God's plan.  When our time on this Earth ends, we want to stand before Him knowing we inspired obedience within the hearts of people we knew during our lives.  And this can only happen if we can set our personal agendas aside and put more emphasis on the will of God. 

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