Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Keeping It Real With Ms. Baker

Here is Ms. Baker.  She's a wonderful lady in our church.  And it's a total pleasure to be her pastor.

Recently she was talking to me at a Wednesday morning Bible study.  I was having a hard time hearing her, and I only picked up a few words here and there.  But I didn't let her know that because I was too embarrassed to ask her to repeat herself.

So I just nodded along.  I smiled too.  And I acted like I heard what she was saying.

A little while later that morning, I went back to her.  We had a short conversation.  Here's how it went.

ME:  Ms. Baker, I need to be honest with you.  I didn't hear hardly anything you said to me a little while ago.  I'm sorry about that.  I guess I was just too embarrassed to tell you that.

MS. BAKER:  It's ok.  I knew you couldn't hear me.  But thanks for coming back and talking with me about it.

We both had a good laugh over it.  Then she hugged me.  And we had a wonderful conversation.  (Yes, I did hear everything she said that time!)

I've learned that it's always best to keep it real and be honest with people.  Dealing in truth is the way to go.  Honesty is indeed the best policy.

Sometimes we may be tempted to wear a mask and act like everything in our lives is just fine.  The problem with this is it holds our relationships back from being healthy and close.  And it prevents us for working through real issues that need to be addressed in our lives.

It's ok to show people who we really are.  They'll more than understand.  After all, they're not perfect either.  And dealing with truth will pave the way for them to help us move forward to a better place in our lives.

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