Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The New Ball Field

When we lived in Sebring, Florida, my son and I played football together in our small back yard on a regular basis.  We always had a great time together.  I loved throwing him passes as he raced around the yard.

After moving to Sumter, South Carolina a couple of days ago, I told my 9 year old boy that I wanted to show him something.  Then I drove him to a local middle school that has a football field with a clay track around it.  The gate was open, as usual, and people were walking around the track.  Then my boy and I walked onto the field.  I looked at him and said, "From now on, THIS is where you and I will play ball!".  Emerson's eyes lit up, a smile the size of Texas appeared on his face, and he said. "Wow, Dad!  This is just the best ever!".

He had never stepped foot on an actual football field before.  This was totally new for him.  He could not believe it.

As the sun was beginning to set, I threw him passes.  He even kicked a few field goals, which he had never had a chance to try before.  It was without a doubt the most fun we've had in a long time.  I just enjoyed seeing him so happy.  Of course that night he told my wife and daughters all about it with great excitement.

That has me thinking...

When he entered that football field, he was blown away.  He experienced a freedom and thrill he had never encountered before.  It was unlike anything he had ever been a part of.

I bet when we enter Heaven, we will be blown away.  We will experience a freedom and thrill we have never encountered before.  It will be unlike anything we have ever been a part of.

It just makes me wonder:  Upon walking into Heaven, we most likely will see colors, hear sounds, and feel sensations that we never imagined were possible.  It will be a new kind of existence that far exceeds anything we experience here on Earth.

Maybe entering Heaven will be like a baby being born.  All that baby has known is the dark, warm, cozy womb of his mother.  But then, he is born into a strange new world of lights, sounds, temperatures, and smiling faces looking at him.  Perhaps a little overwhelming at first.  But also amazing and thrilling too.

Much like the new ball field is far greater than our old back yard, Heaven is going to be something far greater than Earth.  It is going to be a brand new experience for us, in a wonderful way.  And because of The Lord Jesus Christ, we will get to enjoy it for all of eternity.

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