Thursday, June 26, 2014

On Our 21st Wedding Anniversary

Today is a special day for Lara and me.  It's our 21st wedding anniversary.  So, with that in mind, here are some of the things we have learned along the way about marriage...

* It helps to have a good friendship.  We enjoy being with each other and having fun.  When we're taking walks, watching movies, enjoying ball games, or eating meals, we're just happy to be in each other's company.  Lara is the best friend I have.

* It important to be forgiving.  At times we have let each other down.  Neither of us is perfect; therefore our marriage is not perfect.  But we have learned to forgive each other and not get bitter.  Holding a grudge paralyzes a relationship.  So we deal with disappointments we sometimes have with each other and then leave them in the past.  Our saying is "Cut it loose, set it free, and let it go."

*  It is vital to communicate.  We've learned to talk and be real about what we're thinking and how we're feeling.  Just like a plant needs to be soaked with water, a marriage needs to be soaked with communication.  I've realized the more we talk with each other, the better things get.

*  It takes work.  Marriage is not always easy.  But we've learned that our relationship is worth investing the required time and effort to keep things right.  Good marriages don't just magically happen.  They require work.  

*  It is essential to have God at the center.  God is loving, so He helps us love each other.  God is forgiving, so He helps us forgive each other.  God is all-knowing and all-powerful, so He is worthy of our trust and obedience.  The Lord can make ANY marriage right and healthy, so we've learned to work and do our part while trusting Him to bless, guide, and do His part.

I love my wife!  And she loves me.  We're happy to reach number 21, and we're expecting a happy future together. 

May God bless your marriage and ours!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! So happy we were blessed to be a part of ya'll s lives. .... see ya'll SOON!!

  2. Thanx Tina! Will be good to see y'all again in the near future.