Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Airboat Adventure

My boy and I were on an airboat with a friend of ours.  We were having a ball while flying around the lake.  All of a sudden, the airboat broke down.  The good news was the guy driving the boat reached land.  The bad news was the land was a snake-infested, gator-dwelling, mud-filled swamp.  We were told it was time to make the long hike through the swamp to our leader's home.

So off we went.  It was an long journey!  I had to carry Emerson part of the way.  Of course we were looking around to make sure no snakes or gators were headed our way too.  I had absolutely no idea where we were or where our destination was.

But I did know this:  If I trusted and followed our leader, he would guide us through and see us home.  He knew the swamp.  Many times before he had ventured in and out of that dark, mysterious place.  So I kept my eyes on home and followed his footsteps.

Finally, we made it through the swamp and reached his home.  We all were hot and wore out.  But we arrived safely, and that's what mattered.

My airboat adventure was kind of like the journey of life for most of us.  On our own, we are lost and hopeless.  But if we trust and follow Jesus Christ, the greatest leader and guide of all, we will make it through and reach His home!

Jesus Christ experienced temptation, endured trial, blessed people, entered death, and enjoyed resurrection.  He entered and exited this world.  So He knows everything about life.  That makes Him a leader worth trusting and following.

Let's lock our eyes on Jesus Christ.  And let's walk in His footsteps.  When we follow Him, He will see us through our life on this Earth, and He will guide us home to Heaven.

Follow Jesus.  He will lead the way for you.  It will be the best decision you ever make!

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