Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A student left the following message on a dry erase board in our school yesterday:  "Taco Bell Is Life!"

I had to chuckle when I saw that.  I enjoy a good taco.  And to be honest, I love Taco Bell!  Soft taco supremes, meximelts, grilled steak soft tacos, and Mexican pizzas are perfectly delicious.  I'm all for their food.

But to say it is "life" may be going a little overboard, don't you think?

In fairness to whatever kid wrote the message, people of all ages build their lives around all sorts of things.  Sports, money, sex, food, and a significant other are just a few of the many "gods" people adopt and worship as the ultimate meaning of life.

What is your life about?  What do you think about first in the morning and last in the evening?  What matters most to you?

In Phillipians 1:21, Paul wrote "To live is Christ..."  If Paul was writing on a dry erase board, he may would have put it this way:  "Jesus Christ Is Life!"  Nothing mattered to Paul more than his Lord.

Who can blame Paul?  His past was forgiven, his present was sustained, his future was secure, and ALL of that was made possible by Jesus.  So it only makes sense that Paul's world rotated around his Lord.

Let's be like Paul and make our lives about Jesus.  Our Lord is worthy of being the center of our lives.  And besides, He makes life so much richer and fuller.

May Jesus be more than a sidekick or tag-along for us.  Way more.  Let's make every fiber of our being and every day on this Earth about Him.  Let's be able to proclaim with total certainty and joy "Jesus is all the world to me!"  And when we do, our lives will be blessed beyond measure.

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