Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Read "Fight"

I just finished reading Craig Groeschel's book "Fight", and I want to encourage you to get your hands on it to read it for yourself.

Craig takes the story of Samson in the Bible and draws lessons from it that apply to our lives today.  Samson struggled with pride, lust, and anger.  Sound familiar, guys?  Most of us deal with these issues along the journey of life.  So it's certainly a relevant book to us.

Craig is a pastor who knows how to present truths in an easy to follow style.  He has a good sense of humor and he is not afraid to be real about his own life and struggles.  Personally, I like how he writes.  It connects with me.

I learned a good deal about Samson in this book.  More than I have from others I have read.  Samson was a powerful, impressive guy, who had all the potential in the world.  But he made some dumb choices along the way (like we guys sometimes do), and he had to pay a price.  Fortunately, God proved once again to be merciful and forgiving, and He did not give up on Samson.  And this book reminded me how God is still merciful and forgiving to us today.

Guys, do yourself a favor and devour this book.  It's an easy read, and it's short.  But more importantly, it will help you with things like being pure towards women, controlling your temper, staying humble, and living in God's strength.  It helped me tremendously, and I know it will help you.

Ladies, you too can benefit from it.  Reading it will help you better understand your husband, sons, brothers, and the issues they deal with.  Also, it will help you know how to pray for them and encourage them.  Guys are different from you.  You already know that.  This will help you better relate to the fellows in your world, and it will equip you to build them up in The Lord.

Let's do what this book advocates:  Let's get strong in The Lord.  Let's FIGHT for righteousness and against sin.  Let's live up to our God-given potential and carry out His plan for our lives.  In summary,  my brothers, let's be real men!

If  you want to learn more about "Fight", and see how you can order it for yourself, just click HERE.

If you want to watch Craig himself preach on this idea, just click HERE.

Be strong today and fight for what is right.

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