Friday, February 28, 2014

Feel Special

I recently attended a talent/fashion show in our community that featured some wonderful girls and guys that have special needs.  It was unlike anything I've ever been a part of.

The first half of the show featured their talents.  Folks with Down Syndrome and other health issues were singing, dancing, and doing magic tricks.  One guy did the moon walk and another guy made a teacher disappear.  We audience members clapped and cheered for every one of them as they put forth their best effort.

The second half of the show featured fashion.  One at a time, each participant walked out on stage in their finest clothes.  Most of the girls had on dresses and most of the guys had on ties and jackets.  As their names were read aloud over the high school p.a. system, each one of them walked out on stage beaming with pride and soaking up our applause and cheers.

Folks, I was moved by the whole experience.  My eyes water as I write this.  I'll never forget it.

I walked out of Avon Park High School thinking to myself, "Yep, everyone wants to feel special."

Special needs or not, people in our lives ought to be applauded and affirmed from time to time.

If you look close enough, most people in your circle of influence have some quality or feature that should be recognized or affirmed.  Maybe they are smart, talented, pretty, kind, creative, or strong.  Figure out what makes them special.  Identify it.  Acknowledge it.  Celebrate it.

When we point out the good in others we provide wind for their sails.  Positive affirmation can brighten their day, lift their spirit, and unleash their potential.  People are encouraged to hang in there and reach for the stars when they are lifted up and celebrated.

Tell someone today what makes them special.  Let them know about the good you see in them.  And then watch what happens.  A spark will be lit in their heart and that certain someone will want to live like a champion.

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