Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Birth Of Our Lord

 It's Christmas, 2015.

For centuries, we Christians have celebrated the birth of our Lord.  And yet it never gets old.  There's too much richness in the story for it to become routine.

Just think about it...

The servant's heart of Mary.  She was a young woman with an upcoming wedding.  But then she was informed that there was a change in the blueprints for her life.  An angel told her she will miraculously conceive, carry, and birth Jesus.  "I am the Lord's servant.  Let everything you've said happen to me."  That was her response.  Mary was willing to humbly submit to God's will and do away with her own plans.  She was on board with what God wanted. 

May we too have a servant's heart, like Mary.  Let's live more for God, and less for ourselves. 

The obedience of Joseph.  He was going to take Mary as his wife.  But when he heard that Mary was carrying a child that did not belong to him, he was ready to quietly do away with their relationship.  Her suddenly being pregnant is not what Joseph had in mind.  But when the angel appeared to him and explained the situation, Joseph agreed to be a part of the divine plan.  He married the young woman, looked after her, made sure the child in her womb was safe, and named him "Jesus."  Joseph cooperated fully with the will of God.  He agreed to follow orders from above.

May we too live obediently, like Joseph.  Let's carry out what God wants.

The power of God.  Mary was a virgin.  She had not been intimate with a man.  But that wasn't a problem for God.  Not one bit.  He worked a miracle and she was with child anyway.  "Nothing is impossible with God", explained the angel.  Mary was reminded that God is awesome.  God can do anything, anywhere, at any time.  His power is breathtaking and life-changing. 

May we find comfort in knowing we can trust God to handle and accomplish anything.  The same God who worked a miracle in Mary can still do the miraculous today.

What an incredible story!  The servant's heart of Mary.  The obedience of Joseph.  The power of God.  These are just some of the many wonderful parts of the birth story.

May you be inspired and comforted by the birth in Bethlehem.

May you know that you are deeply loved by God.

And may you have a Merry Christmas!

God bless you and yours.

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