Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Six Thoughts On Leadership

Leadership.  It's a mighty big deal.  Regardless of your age, gender, location, or role, you can be a leader.  Yes, even YOU!  So why not get started today if you have not already done so?

Here are a few thoughts on leadership...

1).  Leadership is more than a title you hold.  It's a difference you make.  In other words, leaders are doers.  They make things happen and get results. 

2).  Leadership is setting a positive example.  Rather than sitting back and bossing around others, leaders jump out front and model what needs to be done.  They live out what they talk up.  Others see them in action and are inspired by it.  

3).  Leadership is saying what people need to hear rather than what people want to hear.  Proclaiming the truth sets followers free to be who they can be and do what they can do.  Sugar-coating or distorting reality should never be the practices of leaders.

4).  Leadership is an exercise in courage.  One has to be brave and do the right thing, regardless of how others may respond, if he or she is to lead others in moving forward.  There will always be critics and complainers, but leaders are thick-skinned and push ahead anyway.

5).  Leadership is caring about others.  There should be healthy motives for taking the reigns, and this should be one of them:  Valuing people and wanting to make their organizations, communities, circumstances, and lives better than they were before.  Compassion should fill the hearts of those lead.

6).  Leadership is defining goals with clarity and enabling others to succeed in reaching them.  Having a vision is vital.  When followers are well informed on objectives for the group, and well-equipped to win, a leader has done his or her job with effectiveness.

Be a leader!  Step up and make a difference.  Help those around you move forward into a better life.

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