Wednesday, September 16, 2015

3 Types Of People

I read something this morning that really got me thinking.  It's about different kinds of people.  This is what I read:
Never forget three types of people in your life -
1 - Who helped you in your difficult times.
2 - Who left you in your difficult times.
3 - Who put you in difficult times.
After reading that quote, a few thoughts ran through my head.  Here are a few of them...
1 - Who helped you in your difficult times - What a blessing it is to have people in our lives who rally around us when we struggle.  Their compassion, encouragement, and loyalty help us bounce back.  In addition to this, we should be mindful of how our God is the greatest help we can find.  He intervenes and lends a hand in a way that no one else can.  Let us give a passionate, heart-felt "Thank you!" to our Lord and our loved ones who help us in difficult times.  They deserve our gratitude.     
2 - Who left you in your difficult times -  At times, people abandon us.  For any number of reasons, it happens.  And it hurts when they're no longer a part of our lives.  But how sweet it is to know that we have a God who will never leave us.  He will remain by our sides and in our hearts.  Tough times come and go, but God is here to stay.  Let us express our appreciation to Him for this; furthermore, let's be imitators of Him and stand by our family and friends when they hurt.
3 - Who put you in difficult times - Let's be honest.  Some people have toxic hearts and devious plans.  We can love them and pray for them from a distance.  But there are times when we need to avoid bonding too closely with them.  It's just a fact that some people can drag us down rather than lift us up.  It's best to quietly identify these folks and handle them with caution.  Yes, these people can repent and change.  When they do so, let's allow them back into our lives and show them grace.  But as long as they are up to no good, we would be wise to keep a little distance between them and us.  To bring it a little closer to home, we need to ask ourselves if we are a blessing or a burden to people.  Do we lift people up or drag people down?  It's a question worth considering.
There are many different kinds of people in life.  May God give us wisdom to know how to handle each of them.  And may we be the kind of people that others are glad to know.

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