Saturday, August 29, 2015

Too Easily Offended

It seems to me that our society is becoming hyper-sensitive and too easily offended.  Everywhere we look, someone's feelings are hurt by the words or actions of another person.  And it's reaching the point now where it's almost laughable.  People are getting offended at insignificant, petty things.

Are you that way?  Are your feelings always getting hurt by someome else?  Or do you know someone like this?  Then consider these quick thoughts...

(1). You'll stay miserable if you're too easily offended.  There's not going to be much happiness for you or for the people who are connected to you if you are always allowing your feelings to be hurt.  Do you really want to live that way?

(2). Take personal responsibility for your own emotional and mental well-being.  If you're too easily offended, you give others control over how you feel and what you think.  Don't live at the mercy of other people.  Figure out who you are, grow strong spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, and be secure with yourself.  Choose to be at peace with who and what you are.  Then the words and actions of others won't rattle you so much.

(3). Learn to laugh at yourself!  In other words, don't take yourself too seriously.  When someone points out a quirk, oddity, or goof-up in your life, it's not the end of the world.  It's just a reminder that you're an imperfect human like everyone else.  Be secure enough with yourself to admit that you have some flaws and accept that there just might be some humor in it.  Confident people are ok with laughing at themselves.

Listen, you can choose to accept yourself and be happy!  Don't waste your years being overly-sensitive and upset by what others say and do.  Just figure out who you are, accept it, and live your life in peace and joy.  And don't allow the words and actions of others to drag you down.

Come on America!  Don't be so easily offended.  That's no way to live.

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