Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Raising Kids And Letting Go

I spoke on the phone this afternoon with a wonderful lady who is a member here at New Calvary.  We were talking about raising kids and letting go.  She gave me a valuable reminder when she said this:  "You know, I once heard a Sunday School teacher say that God loans us His children to raise for Him.  Then we have to let go so they can go out into the world and do what they were sent here to do."  Then she said, "Don't get me wrong, David.  We're supposed to love our children and have those feelings for them.  But we can't hold on too tight.  They belong to the Lord, and we don't want to hold them back from why they were put on this Earth."
Wow!  Those were some powerful, true, wise words that I needed to hear.  I thanked her for reminding me of that.  And I was convinced the good Lord was speaking to me through my dear friend.
Kids are a blessing and a joy.  You love yours, and I love mine.  Thank God for the sons and daughters He allows us to cherish and raise.
But they are not ours.  Ultimately, they are the Lord's.  And our job is to teach them to love, trust, honor, worship, and serve the Lord.  Once they reach a mature age, they need to launch out into the world and fulfill His purpose for their lives.
I'll always love my kids.  And I'll always treasure my relationship with them.  That's a precious thing.  But I also know that God needs to be number one in their lives.  God needs to be who matters most to them.
That's also true for your kids.  Enjoy your bond with them.  But keep in mind that ultimately, they are children of the Lord.
May God help all of us parents raise our kids right.  And may God enable us to let go at the appropriate time.  When this happens, we are setting them free to spread their wings and fulfill their purpose. 

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