Friday, December 12, 2014

What We Can Appreciate About Pope Francis

There has been a great deal of buzz about Pope Francis since he began leading the Catholic Church.  Some have even described him as a "rock star".  While I am a Protestant, and therefore have some theological differences with him, I still respect some great, practical things about his life. 

When it comes to this Pope, I think we all can appreciate the following:

First, he has avoided greed and materialism...
Rather than residing in the tremendous, papal living quarters, he chooses to make his home in a Vatican guesthouse, which is smaller and simpler.  This makes him the first pope in over 100 years not to take advantage of these great housing comforts made available to him.  Not only that, he has a humble, basic style of dress.  It's nothing flashy or extravagant.  And instead of wearing a new, gold cross around his neck, he sticks with a silver cross he got in 1992.
May we all remember that our greatest joy is found not in our stuff, but in our Savior.

Scond, he has shown love and compassion to people...
A little boy ran on the stage and interrupted a meeting he had with thousands of people, and the pope simply smiled and hugged him.  There was no reprimand from the Catholic leader.  On another occasion, he decided to let a young man with Down syndrome take a ride with him in the popemobile.  Another neat moment occurred when a man yelled out from a crowd to the pope, "Francis, you're one of a kind."  The Catholic leader responded, "So are you!  There's no other person like you."
May we all remember to treat people right and affirm their worth.

Third, he has ministered to people who are hurting...
It has been reported that he will sneak out of the Vatican some nights, dressed in plain, priestly clothes, to feed and minister to homeless people in the local community.  While doing this, he has sat with these hurting souls, eaten with them, and talked to them.
May we all remember that none of us are too important to help out those around us who are going through tough times.

Whether you are a Catholic or Protestant, I think we all can agree these are good, admirable qualities.  And I believe these are qualities that are pleasing to our Lord.  May we all be sure to...
avoid greed and materialism,
show love and compassion to people,
and minister to people who are hurting.

A life with these three characteristics is a good one.


  1. Always enjoy reading your blogs. They are no longer updating automatically. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Hey John! Thanks for the support. I appreciate the kind words.