Monday, December 8, 2014

Cut Down

This big tree used to stand tall in our front yard.  It rose high above our home.  But not any longer.  Some guys showed up the other day and cut it down.  And now it stands no more.

Just as those guys can cut down trees, God can cut down people.

Psalm 55:23 says, "But you, God, will bring down the wicked..."

God reserves the right and has the ability to bring any of us down when we defy Him and rebel against Him with no sense of remorse or repentance.  He does punish.  He does get tough with people at times when He deems it necessary.

Our modern world has tried so hard to make God it's Heavenly Buddy that it has forgotten to have a healthy fear of Him.  What a foolish, reckless mistake it is when we do this.  After all, He is a holy judge and He does have wrath.  To blatantly defy Him is to risk being cut down by Him one way or another.

Let's remember who we're dealing with when it comes to God.  And let's remember that just as sure as He blesses and comforts, He also deals strongly with those who have no regard for His righteousness character and expectations.  God most certainly has the freedom to cut us down.

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