Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Joseph, The Husband Of Mary

The Virgin Mary gets a lot of attention here at Christmas time.  And that's totally understandable.  Being the mother of Jesus is a mighty big deal.

But what about Joseph, the man who married her?  Earlier in their relationship, Joseph was about to end the engagement and walk away from her because Mary was carrying a child that was not his.  But an angel appeared to him in a dream, explained to him what God's plan was, and then woke him up.  Joseph's response to this shows us what an admirable guy he was.

Think about it...

Joseph was willing to change his plans, marry a young lady who was carrying a child that was not his, and join her on a grand adventure that revolved around the Savior of the world.  What an admirable guy.  Joseph simply obeyed God.

There's a hymn we Baptists like to sing, and it goes like this:  "Trust and obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey."  What an awesome reminder that song is.  There comes a time when we must choose between living our way and living God's way.

Because he chose to obey God, Joseph was rewarded.  He was privileged with getting to witness first-hand the birth and the early, Earthly years of Jesus.  What a blessing!  I'll bet if he were around today, Joseph would tell us that obedience is more than worth it.

Folks, we won't regret trusting and obeying God.  We'll end up getting blessed big time when we decide to live His way.  Joseph's life proves this idea:  Our lives are ultimately much better off when we cooperate with God and get on board with what He is doing.

Let's learn Joseph's lesson well.  Obeying God is a worth while exercise of faith.  Let's make that our way of life.

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