Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas 2014 Devotional

It's Christmas morning, 2014.  The kids woke us up at 6:30.  So Lara and I took them into the living room and everyone opened gifts by the tree.  It was a blast.  Smiles were on every face.

After watching the kids dive into presents and enjoying a good breakfast, Lara and I came back here to our room.  We were talking about how blessed we are.  Then Lara looked at me, smiled, and said, "I just feel totally at peace."

She's now taking a little nap.  The kids are playing and chit chatting.  And I'm sitting here relaxing.

Peace.  It really is a wonderful gift we all can receive.  And there's nothing much better than that.

Jesus is often referred to as the Prince of Peace.  His birth in Bethlehem ushered a heavenly peace into this world.  Because of Him, we can have an inner calmness and tranquility that transcends all times and all circumstances.  Furthermore, because of Him, we can relax in knowing that all will be well in the end.

I'm blessed more than I deserve.  I have a wife and kids who love me.   I have a church family that allows me to serve and belong.  I have good parents who stand by me and pray for me.  And best of all, I have peace in my heart this Christmas because of Jesus Christ.  He is my Savior and Lord, and I am thankful more than I can say.

May God's peace fill your heart and home on this Christmas 2014.  May you feel His calmness in knowing that He loves you now and He always will.  And may you experience His serenity in knowing that all will be well in His care.

Merry Christmas, my friends. 

Peace be with you.

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