Friday, December 5, 2014

The Ripple Effect

One thing life has taught me is this:  Each choice we make affects other people.  This is true with good choices, and wrong ones.  Our actions have a ripple effect that will most certainly impact the lives of people around us, one way or another.

In Joshua 7, Aachan sinned against God.  He stole some items after a battle.  The problem was that God had clearly instructed everyone not to take anything.  Because of Aachan's selfish choice, the nation of Israel lost their next battle.  Then all of Aachan's family members were killed before he too lost his own life.  See the point?  Aachan's choice had a ripple effect with negative consequences for those who were connected to him.

Selfishness is at the root of sin.  In doing wrong, we are only thinking about ourselves.  Nobody else. Then, when it's time for us to pay the price, there is collateral damage all around us.  How tragic!

May we always remember that each choice we make is far-reaching.  Everything we do is going to affect the lives of our families, friends, co-workers, and fellow church members.  This means we need to consider the wide range repercussions of what we do before we spring into action.

If our lives are morally upright, productive, and selfless, others around us will end up being blessed because of it.

If our lives are immoral, lazy, and selfish, others around us will end up being hurt because if it.

There is a ripple effect that inevitably follows our choices.  It's just a fact of life.  So let's always remember that when we are deciding between right and wrong.

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