Thursday, October 23, 2014

He Hears

I visited a sweet, elderly lady in the hospital this week.  As always, she was a total pleasure.  A smile was on her face because she learned she was about to be released and allowed to go home.  She looked at me and said, "Preacher, I pray daily to God.  And He hears me.  I know He really hears me!"

"Yes Ma'am", I replied.  "He sure does."  Joy filled that little room as we celebrated that wonderful truth.

Child of God, your Heavenly Father does hear your prayers.

When you ask for forgiveness, He hears.

When you express gratitude, He hears.

When you cry out for help, He hears.

When you request guidance, He hears.

Isn't that great news?!  We can pray whenever we want.  And God hears.  Always.

Find comfort in knowing that the prayers of your heart reach the ears of God.

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