Sunday, October 19, 2014

Me Again

At my birthday dinner the other night, my son, Emerson, gave me an envelope.  I opened it up and found a sheet of paper with one of his creations.  He said, "Dad, I listed out all the things that you love."

As I read his list, I had to smile.  This is what he had written: "Happy Birthday Daddy!  God.  James Bond.  Church.  Oregon Ducks.  Gamecocks.  Preaching.  Me!  Football.  Sports.  Mini.  Me Again!"

My boy twice mentioned that I love him.  That showed me it meant a lot to him.  And it reminded me that he is a normal boy.  He wants his dad to love him.

As I reflect on that, I realize we all ought to rejoice in knowing that God, our Heavenly Father, loves us.  He cares deeply about you and me.  We matter to Him, indeed.  And that will never change.

No matter how tough life may get, find comfort in this truth:  The Heavenly Father loves you.  Deeply.  Eternally.  Sacrificially.  Powerfully.  And He always will.