Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Screen Door

I visited this weekend with an older gentleman that I greatly respect.  He's a fine Christian man, and I see qualities in him that I want more of in my own life.  I just look up to him.

At one point during our talk he looked at me and said this about himself:  "You know, David, I have more faults in me than a screen door has holes."  Wow, I did not see that coming from such a great guy like him.  But I admired his humility and honesty.

Even the best people we know have struggles and make mistakes.  They're no different from the rest of us.  We all fall short and sin one way or another.

One of the many things I think we will love about Heaven is this:  There will be no temptation, no sin, and no moral failure.  We won't wrestle with wrong cravings and impure desires up there like we do down here.  Won't that be fantastic?!

Yep, we all struggle in various ways.  And sometimes we get weary from that.  It can get exhausting when the inner war rages on.  But there IS good news:  We won't battle forever.  The fight will one day end.  And better days are coming.

So let's hang in there, keep our eyes on Jesus, and live in righteousness.  When we fail, let's confess it to God and claim His amazing forgiveness.  Also, let's remember that even though we have more faults in us than a screen door has holes, God's grace is greater than our sin, and His work in us is ongoing.

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