Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Cool Breeze In Pinewood

Scorching.  Suffocating.  That's how I would describe the heat I felt in Pinewood, South Carolina over the weekend.

I was at the cemetery for a funeral.  People were gathering together as the graveside service was about to begin.  Standing there in my suit and tie, with no shade in sight, I thought to myself, "Man, it's going to be rough standing here in this heat."

The preacher took his position and began to talk.

And then it happened.

A nice, gentle, soothing breeze began to blow.  Unexpectedly, it came over us all.  And it made everything so much better.

I stood there and quietly whispered Heavenward this three word prayer:  "Thank you, Lord."

I was immensely grateful.  The breeze was just what we needed.  And The Lord provided it.

I'm learning to be thankful for the little things that God sends our way during the day.

A good meal.  A hug from one of my kids.  An uplifting song on the car stereo.  A smile from my wife.  A laugh with one of my buddies.

Yeah, God blesses us all in big ways.  But He also sends us tons of small gifts too.  Simple things, like the cool breeze in Pinewood.

Let's all pause along our journey of life today and thank God for the little pleasures He graciously hands to us.

God is good.

Because of Him, we are fortunate in big ways and in small.

Let's have grateful hearts.

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