Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wrong Path To A Good Goal

Sarai wanted to have a baby.  It was a big deal to her.  And it pained her to not be a mother.  So she came up with a plan of her own.  She asked Abram, her husband, to have physical relations with another woman, named Hagar.  Then, when the other woman got pregnant and had the baby, Sarai would claim that baby as her own.  So, Abram agreed with the plan.  He slept with Hagar and she conceived.  But things got complicated and didn't go as smoothly as Sarai had hoped.

What happened here:  Sarai took a wrong path to a good goal.  God did not tell her to do what she did.  It was her own idea.  And it led to problems.

Was there anything wrong with Sarai wanting to be a mom?  No.  Absolutely not.  That's a good goal.  It was ok to want that.  But there was something wrong with the path she took to reach that goal. 

Sarai took matters into her own hands.

Sarai stepped outside of God's plan.

And Sarai refused to trust God's timing.

Let's not be too hard on her though.  She's not the first person to do that, and she won't be the last.  It happens all the time.

How many times in life do people take the wrong path to a good goal?  It happens daily around the world.  People want things that are perfectly normal, but they go about it the wrong way.

Think about the things people want:  A close relationship.  A better job.  A good income.  A win on the athletic field.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting these things.  But there is something vastly wrong when we try to reach these goals in our own way and on our own timetable. 

Life has taught me this:  God's plan is better than mine.  God's timing is superior to mine.  And God's power is greater than mine.  And if I submit to His plan, cooperate with His timing, and trust in His power, life works out for the best.

What is it that you want in life?  Identify whatever it is that matters to you.  And talk with God about it.  Be real with Him.  Ask Him to give you the desires of your heart.  Then, get on with your life and know that God will orchestrate whatever He thinks is best for you.

Don't take matters into your own hands like Sarai did.  If you do, things will just blow up in your face.  Do this instead: Trust God.  He loves you and He is for you.  And if you allow Him to work out His plan, in His way, according to His schedule, you'll be more than satisified.  You'll be blessed and thankful forevermore.

May God help you and me both avoid taking the wrong path to a good goal.

** P.S. The story about Sarai is found in Genesis 16.  If you want to read it for yourself, just click here.

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