Friday, August 19, 2016

What God Can Do

I met Carla this week for the first time.  She's from Indonesia.  And her story is really something special.
A few years ago, Carla had a stroke.  It did a lot of damage to her.  And she was confined to a wheelchair.  Unable to walk, she was discouraged and depressed.  The doctor told her that she would stay in that chair and not walk again.  This greatly bothered her because she wanted to get back on her feet.
One day, she was in a church.  While there, she noticed a big cross at the front of the sanctuary.  When the worship service ended, she asked her husband to push her in her wheelchair up under the big cross.  So he did.
When she got under the cross, Carla prayed.  She told God she wanted to walk again.  And then she asked Him to heal her.
That was on a Sunday morning.  Two days later, she was at her doctor's office.  Guess what happened?  Carla got up out of that wheelchair and walked.  And she's still walking today.  She's walking so good that now she is a member of the local YMCA and is getting fit.
Carla's story gives us a little glimpse into what God can do.  And if case you're not sure yet, I'll let you in on the secret.  God can do anything.  Seriously.  Anything!
Luke 1:37 tells us "nothing will be impossible with God."  And Mark 10:27 reminds us, "For all things are possible with God."  Combined, these two verses teach you and me something very important:  God can do anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.  He is unlimited in His power and unstoppable in His will.
God is strong.  How strong?  Well, He's strong enough to handle anything you and I go through.  Actually, He can more than handle it.  With ease, He can change everything up and make everything better.
Is your health deteriorating?
Is your marriage failing?
Is your bank account empty?
Is your emotional state unstable?
Is your depression getting worse?
Is your life getting dark and bleak? 
Try God.  Cry out to Him in prayer.  Express your pain to Him and your neediness of Him.  Ask Him for help.  And when you do this, know that the God who can do anything will hear you.  And He will do whatever is best.
Maybe He will answer your prayer exactly how you want.  Or maybe He will answer it in another way that you haven't considered yet.  But either way, know this:  God, in all of His might, will look after you, take care of you, and help you in this midst of your hardship.  One way or another, at the right time, and in the right way, He will come through.
Yep, Carla's story is wonderful.  But not shocking.  It's just one of many reminders that God is simply amazing.  And it helps us remember there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that He can't handle.

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