Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I stood by her bed and listened as she reflected on her life.  She knew that her death was not far away.  For many years she lived on this earth, and sickness was now overtaking her.  But what she said to me that day was really touching.  Having to speak slowly, she got out these words about God:  "When I'm hungry, He feeds me, and when I'm naked, He clothes me."  I smiled and held her hand a little tighter when she said that.

Thankful. That's what kind of heart she was revealing.  Even in her final days, she was grateful for all that God has done for her. 

Regardless of who you are, where you live, what you do for a living, or how your life is going, remember this:  God is good.  He feeds your soul with rich blessings from above, and He covers your heart with righteousness.  He satisfies your longings and He cleans your soul.

In life and in death, we can always be thankful.  Just like that good woman in her hospital bed, you and I can count our blessings today.  When we do this, we are giving God praise for all that He is and all that He does.  And when we do this, we are reminding ourselves just how good we have it in Him.

May gratitude fill our hearts today.  And may we express it to God and our loved ones.  That makes life better for everyone.  And I'd be willing to bet it brings a smile to the face of our good God who takes great care of you and me.

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