Friday, June 3, 2016

Why That Home Mattered

We moved out of our home a few days ago.  It was part of a duplex, so that meant it was sort of like a little apartment.  And while it was a small place, I'm thankful for our time there.  I'll always have good memories of that place.
See, when our family left Florida and came to Sumter in 2014, we were not sure yet where we would live.  Because we needed a place to stay temporarily, part of our family lived with my parents, and the other part lived with Lara's dad and his wife.  We were not all under the same roof for about four months.  Sure, we saw each other every day.  But it felt strange to not have the six of us in one place at night.
Then, this duplex became available.  A friend of mine rented it to me.  This is why that home mattered:  It brought us all together under one roof.  This home meant we could all share a common place.  That was important, and we were glad to have it.
For almost two years we lived there.  Then, another place with more space became available.  That's why we moved a few days ago.  And while it was time to move, I will admit to you part of me was a little sentimental about leaving that place.
We worked hard on emptying that home and moving out last week.  Then we cleaned it up and made sure we left it looking good.  Two days ago, I did the final walk-through in that empty duplex by myself.  It felt strange to see it without all of our furniture and possessions.  And it looked larger.  I quietly thanked God for our two years in that home and shared with Him how much it meant to me.
As I reflect on why that home mattered, I can't help but think about Heaven.  See, the Lord is preparing a place now for His people.  And one day, He will gather all of His children together in that one place.  We all will be brought together under His roof, and we will be a family like never before.  In His home, all of us will be unified.  Jesus is who makes it possible for you and me to get there.  And what a wonderful place it will be.  (To read some scripture about this, just click HERE.)
Home.  It's a special place because it brings loved ones together.  It matters here on Earth.  And it'll matter even more up there in Heaven.

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