Saturday, November 29, 2014

Remember The Blood

I met an old man the other night here in Sumter.  A real friendly fellow.  After we spoke a few moments, I was about to walk off.  He grabbed my wrist and placed something in my hand.  His words were "Always remember the blood of Jesus."  I opened up my hand and saw a little red button that resembled a drop of blood.

That really got to me.  What a powerful reminder.  And a true one. 

Years ago, Jesus Christ was crucified on a Roman cross.  It was a brutal form of execution.  When that happened, He bled.  A lot.

Why should we always remember this?  Well, because of the blood of Jesus...

Our sins are forgiven,
Our souls are saved,
Our lives are changed,
Our futures are bright.

Thanks be to our risen Lord!  He sacrificed Himself and shed His own blood for us.  In doing this, He rescued us from an empty life and a hopeless future.  What a Savior we have in Jesus!

Let's always remember the blood.