Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Night Rewind - 6/3/16

Life is good here in The Gamecock City!  I hope all is well for you and yours.  Here's a rewind of what's been happening around here lately...
*  This morning, I finished preaching a four week series on the book of Ruth in the Old Testament. 
*  We walked through most of the story (only leaving out a couple of small details here and there) the past month.  It's an interesting story in and of itself.  But we also looked at what it means to us today. 
*  It seems to me Ruth's story is one of losing about everything and seeing God's work of restoration take place.
*  I enjoyed preaching through it, and I hope it was a blessing to our church family.
*  This afternoon, we had a cookout here at the church.  Burgers and hotdogs were fixed on the grill, and everyone had plenty to eat.  It was a delicious meal!
*  I sure do love pastoring this church.  They mean the world to me, and I'm happy to be a part of them. 
*  Good ole Dad even got into the spirit of things today by fixing a banana pudding for the cookout. 
 *  Way to go, Dad.  I didn't know you had it in you to do that!
*  Vacation Bible School is coming up here at the church July 24-28.  Our theme this year is "Submerged".
 *  One thing I can tell you is this:  These people here at New Calvary Baptist go absolutely NUTS and decorate more for VBS than any church I've even been a part of or seen.  It's amazing.  (Take a look for yourself at what they did last year by clicking HERE.)  And they really do a good job of ministering to kids.  So I'm already getting excited about it for this year, because I know our folks will be praying hard, working hard, and swinging for the fence.
*  That's it for tonight.  Life is going well, and I'm a thankful man.  Very, very thankful!! 
*  New blog posts will be put up on the blog this week.  I hope you get something good out of them.
*  God bless you and yours!

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