Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fellowship Over Chicken Wings

I was the only white guy there.

Recently I went to visit an elderly lady who has poor health.  When I knocked on the door and was welcomed into home, I met about six people who were all very kind.  They were all African American, and I only knew one of them.  For a moment, we all stood there quietly and awkwardly. 

Then I noticed a plate on the table.  "Hey, are those Leo's Chicken Wings?", I asked.  One of the young men responded, "Yeah, they are.  Want one?"  I thought for half a second and said, "Sure, that sounds great!"

Then, they started passing out plates and napkins.   One of the wonderful hosts gave me a chair.  Then we all sat there together and ate chicken wings.  While we ate, we told stories, laughed, and had a blast.  It went from a silent room to a joyful place of fellowship.  I had a wonderful time with my new friends,  and I'll always remember it.

That whole experience reminded me of something important:  If we human beings will just sit down and talk with each other, we usually can find common ground and similar interests.  Though we may look different and have varying backgrounds, most of us are alike in many ways.  Most of us want our families to be ok, our bills to be paid, and our communities to be safe.  Most of us want to have purpose, hope, peace, joy, and strength.   And most of us just want to get along with our fellow man.

What I'm saying is regardless of whether we're black, white, rich, poor, Democrat, Republican, educated, uneducated, liberal, conservative, or whatever, we can usually get along with each other if we just put a little effort into it.  Let's sit and listen.  Let's try to understand each other.  And let's remember that the world will be a much happier place if we learn to calmly co-exist together.

I'm not so naive to think a plate of chicken wings is the key to world peace.  Things can be way more complex than that.  But I do believe with all my heart that if people would sit down and communicate with one another, usually some common ground will be discovered and a bond can be formed.  

Most importantly,  if we look to God, He can pull us together and make us one.  After all, when you and I both seek Him, it becomes obvious we're a lot more alike than we are different.  And that makes it easier for us to get along and work together.

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